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  1. Challenge coins have shipped from China! They are on their way!

  2. Destiny drops on the XBOX One tomorrow. Guess what I'll be doing. :)

  3. The new forums look great! Kudos to Gary!! :)

  4. Was great seeing folks at the Lego event yesterday! :)

    1. cmanning577


      Nice to make some new friends. Still recovering from my 7 hour troop.... It was lots of fun!

  5. Looking forward to the 10th Anniversary Dinner next weekend!

  6. Looking forward to Shore Leave (Convention) this weekend in Maryland. Woohoo!

  7. This heat sucks. That is all.

  8. Random Question: Anyone here into metal detecting?

  9. Anyone picking up Borderlands 2 today? I am.

    1. DonJ


      Mine is out for delivery (I thought it didn't ship on time but glad I was wrong).

    2. DonJ


      My copies have arrived!

  10. Three day weekend.... not... close... ENOUGH!!!!

    1. DonJ
    2. DonJ


      Now is it close enough? Is for me :) Already got to play a tablegame.

  11. Elections are almost at an end folks. Get out there and vote for the LCO! :)

  12. Wow, I just realized that next year will be the NER's 10th Anniversary! How time files!

  13. Rest in Peace Ryan. We're all better people for having known you.

  14. Saw X-Men First Class yesterday. If you can get past the fact that they screwed up the continuity (and the original team of X-men) the movie was good. Magneto was awesome!

  15. Just noticed that the guy who played Thor was the same actor who played James T. Kirks Dad in the Star Trek Movie. Of course he had long blond hair and he put on a LOT of muscle!

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