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    Biking, Drawing, Toy Collecting, conventions, the Great Outdoors, Family & my faith
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  1. Hey, somebody welcome me! I'm so happy to be here!!!!

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    2. TK AQUA 1977

      TK AQUA 1977

      OMG….i feel pretty stupid navigating this site….BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP! So tell me…..can I just add you people as friends…Is it proper conduct to just comment on forums questions and comments?

    3. cmanning577


      It takes some practice to navigate the forums, but you will get it sooner or later :)

    4. Alpha Chaos 13

      Alpha Chaos 13

      Honestly, the "friends" thing doesn't really do anything. Just go ahead & comment on anything you like. We won't bite! We try to keep things PG, but that's really the only thing you have to worry about. Have a look at the first section (Posting Rules...) if you are unsure.

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