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  1. JFK


    I wound love to do that to me T-21
  2. JFK

    Hey Duke any ideas on a site for radio chatter ,I did check MEPD site and the forum here ,thanks bud

  3. Thank you for the add ,I hope to be out trooping with you soon ,A member Lance is doing TK armor pull's so should not be much longer now so I can get to work on putting it together .Cheer's

  4. Off the grid for a minute how are you .to much work no play for me but it is werth it .Hope to troop with you soon ,got hooked up with Lance on some armor so hopefully all go's well.cheer's

  5. I am very in need of ANH Storm trooper Armor ,I would like to do a sand trooper I built a pack and tried to make my own T-21 not having much luck with armor lol

  6. I built a feild pack for my sanddie anyone have tips on weathering it

    1. clonecollector


      Never got to study field pack weathering as I stayed a clone but you could do a few things for a field pack. Washes with watered down acrylic paints help dirty stuff up. Brown/ light browns could work for this pack since its fairly dark. I saw that some used colored "dust" used for model painting to simulate dirt that gets stuck in crevices. This might be the best way to go for the radio on your field pack. You just have too make sure you spray a dull clearcoat on top so that the wea...

    2. Alpha Chaos 13

      Alpha Chaos 13

      Another trick is to take a paintbrush & flick paint on the pack by rubbing your finger accross the bristles. This will give you a "speckled" look & is easy to do. A toothbrush is great for this method on small areas. Just make sure you're done with it!


    3. JFK


      Thank you I will give it a shot .




  7. JFK

    Thank you for the add ,I know with the right advise I can and will hit my goal of TK ,TD statis ,I am actively searching for a maker of ANH armor but running into dead ends thank you in advance .

  8. Hello I would like a quote on TK strormtrooper armor ,I'm 6-2 235 would like to set a meeting to see procuss and be size the right way thank you for your time .

  9. JFK

    Hello my name is John and I've been a fan of the boy's in white since they came though the door on Leia's ship and would to wear the armor with pride and serve the Empire well .I do have an FX helmet ,neck seal,and Pauldron and ideas would be welcomed thanks

  10. Hello as you can see I am very new to this it has been a life long dream of mine to be apart some thing people know right away ever since Vader and his Troppers came though the door entering Lieas corvette ship I've been hooked on the guy's in the white /black armor I have not and any time for my life or habbie's do to many many trip's to N.C. for my son now he's grown up and now I want to be a great Tropper ".So would love to wear the TK OR Sandtropper body armor just...

  11. JFK

    TD 52469

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