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  1. Works for me now that I have to fix my shoretrooper
  2. Hey bro, im good for this. Just let me know which character they would prefer
  3. Put me in tentatively For this one. I’ll confirm later. Either Kylo or shoretrooper
  4. Sunday I can stay and help with the break down since I’m there all day as well
  5. Ok I’ll definitely have one of my boys. Ryan GA 4419 most likely Anakin Skywalker. I’ll update if my other son comes
  6. Can the kids in the galactic academy partake in this event?
  7. Mike and I can switch between our Kylo sill bring both costumes with me
  8. I can do all day Sunday. Put me at table duty as needed. I can do my ST or Kylo
  9. Do we have any interest in starting our own galactic academy garrison?
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