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  1. It might be in the low 60s tomorrow morning and I don’t handle chillier weather well so I’m going to bring my TB 😂
  2. Sorry for being an absolute mess this weekend. It seems I’ve also developed an ear infection. When it rains, it pours I guess. 😕 have fun guys.
  3. This parade was a fun time, haha I wish I had a shore trooper too! But maybe a TK can fit in with some beach shots? Rogue One trading card? 😂 I'll do my TK for this.
  4. I’ll do the early shift on Sunday for sure, I’ll have to leave by about 1pm. I’ll do table duty at that time as well. I’ll wear some sort of clone!
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    First Boot

    From the album: Scout

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    Joe's Scout

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    Joe's Scout

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